Full Of Tears

Full of Tears is a book of triumph, victory, encouragement, and redemption. It is an autobiography of Shondtel Walker, a woman that is transparent of her journey to finding Christ and the life of abundance that she always deserved. Full of Tears will leave you encouraged, inspired, and full of hope as you press towards living your best life by becoming the best version of you. Full of Tears lets you understand that it is not your past that defines you but yet it is your past that lays the foundation to the strength and knowledge that you have today to overcome any obstacles that you may face. Take a moment to explore the life of Shondtel Walker and let it inspire you to embrace your journey.
Shondtel Walker


Millions are haunted by their pasts…. Letting go is not easy, especially the unfortunate events that become a part of your life. And for many, it turns into a nightmare. They begin to lose their will to live; everything becomes meaningless. Life itself doesn’t seem worth living anymore, and If all this sounds like YOU, This is NOT the end! Time to learn from the power couple who took back control of their lives out of chaos and destruction; their book throwing light on their extraordinary journey has the power to bring you back to a joyous and prosperous life!
Shondtel Walker

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